Today is the Day Changemakers

Taking Chances with Kimberly Kravitz

February 01, 2023 Jodi Season 3 Episode 5
Today is the Day Changemakers
Taking Chances with Kimberly Kravitz
Show Notes

Welcome to season 3, episode 5 of the Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast. 

I am thrilled to announce this week’s lively, Emmy Award- winning, changemaker Kimberly Kravitz. She is a skilled journalist and producer, an expert go-getter, as well as an inspiration to all in the field.

Kimberly is deemed a local legend, representing both Brooklyn, NY and Freehold Township, NJ. Since childhood, she has  displayed the qualities of a true journalist, as she was always one to ask many questions. She capitalized on her natural talents by partaking in internships during her early days as a new journalist, which led her to become familiar with freelance work. She urges listeners to value the importance of making connections during your career path and taking as many internship opportunities as possible in order to learn what you have a passion for. 

Listen in to hear how Kimberly did not originally think of a profession in journalism and how someone in her life planted a seed that she nurtured to grow into what she is doing today. Also, listen in to hear how Kimberly listened to something her sister encouraged her to do that also helped her along her personal and professional path. 

As an award-winning producer, Kimberly is living proof of the idea that having experience in both producing and journalism go hand in hand and will give you the tools you need for success. Her dream of “being a journalist in every aspect” has come to life with her time in tv, print, radio, and producing. Having interviewed prominent figures such as Chris Christie and meeting several famous actors, she shares her experiences. Kimberly balances the thrilling aspects of these moments alongside the idea that famous people are human just like everyone else; she encourages aspiring journalists to keep this in mind as they go out into the world. 

Kimberly Kravitz’s awards and accolades are proof that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her New York Emmy Award was given as a result of her coverage on an eventful town hall meeting which discussed the topic of the heroin crisis. Along with this brilliant achievement, she is also an active volunteer with several organizations including the Empty Sky foundation to support those who have lost loved ones during 9/11, the ALS Awareness, and the Girl Scouts. Kravitz urges all those interested in the field of journalism to contact her via her website: or instagram: Kimberlykravitztv for mentorship and advice!

Next week my special co-host is Fred Wasiak, President & CEO of South Jersey Food Bank. Together, we interview Steven Cohen author of  Leading from Within: A Guide To Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation, co-founder and Chair of the Board of Meditation4Leadership, and manager of the global emerging business and technology practice at Morgan Lewis & Bockius, an AmLaw 50 law firm.

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