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Bridge of Books with Abby Daly

February 08, 2023 Jodi Season 3 Episode 6
Today is the Day Changemakers
Bridge of Books with Abby Daly
Show Notes

Welcome to season 3, episode 6 of the Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast. 

This week my guest is Abby Daly. Abby is the founder and executive director of the Bridge of Books Foundation, a nonprofit organization doing amazing work within New Jersey, enhancing access to literature among children in need. Abby was named a New Jersey Hero by the New Jersey Hero Initiative and has certainly lived up to the title. Throughout its 20 years in operation, Bridge of Books has distributed 1.3 million books to underprivileged children throughout New Jersey. 

Abby is a former attorney who, during her practice, pursued mental health and children’s rights cases. She represented individuals who were involuntarily admitted into psychiatric hospitals, protecting the rights of children and providing a voice for them during trying times. This profession introduced Abby to New Jersey’s population of disadvantaged youth and later allowed her to reach children in need through her nonprofit work with Bridge of Books.

Abby is deeply dedicated to her craft as she hand picks books based on reading levels and interests of children. Her mission is to “bring the world to children through books”. She aims to encourage development of literacy skills and love for reading. She has worked with food pantries, schools, and state prisons to reach the largest number of children. Though Bridge of Books has touched a great deal of lives, they still have much to do. To support the underprivileged youth of New Jersey, consider getting involved or donating by visiting Investing in this cause is investing in the future of New Jersey, and collectively, the future of country. 

Listen in to hear a lesson learned that Abby wants to share with young and seasoned changemakers. 

Next week I am joined by one of my favorite co-hosts, Fred Wasiak. Fred is the President & CEO of the South Jersey Food Bank. Together we interview, Steven Cohen, Author, Leading from Within: A Guide To Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation, Co-founder and Chair of the Board, Meditation4Leadership, Manager, Morgan Lewis & Bockius. 

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