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Advocating for the Environment with Young Changemaker Katie Marra

February 28, 2023 Jodi Season 3 Episode 9
Today is the Day Changemakers
Advocating for the Environment with Young Changemaker Katie Marra
Show Notes

Welcome to season 3, episode 9 of the Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast.

This week my guest is Katie Marra, a young changemaker, environmentalist, activist, and writer. Katie Marra is a member of several ocean-based environmental groups in New Jersey and additionally serves as editor in chief of The Captain’s Log. She is looking to pursue a career in environmental science conducting field research as well as environmental journalism. 

As her passion for the planet began at a young age throughout summertime family cross- country camping trips, Katie eventually gravitated towards environmental clubs and journalism classes in her school. As editor in chief of the school newspaper, she writes monthly articles on happenings pertaining to the environment in order to spread awareness among her peers. One of her most recent articles featured a project she has spearheaded with her school’s Green Team, in which she drew up a petition to remove plastic cutlery and trays in the cafeteria, gaining over 500 signatures from students and staff. Her efforts are proof that any student at any age can make a difference in their own communities. 

Katie has worked closely with environmental groups on and off campus, taking a position as a board member of Friends of Island Beach State Park in which she controls graphic design and social media. She also is a Clean Ocean Action Beach Captain, participating in the collection of pollutants along the New Jersey coastline and aiding in the crucial data analysis that follows the beach sweeps. In addition, she frequently attends climate protests in an attempt to spread awareness to the dire situation that climate change presents. She encourages all listeners (who are able) to attend the climate protest in New York City at 1pm this Friday, March 3 in addition to joining the cause of Fridays For Future, a student-led environmental organization which holds weekly peaceful protests as a reminder that the youth are aware of the climate crisis and will not tolerate a lack of action against it. Katie urges fellow young changemakers to explore environmental activism and volunteer opportunities within their own community as well as to keep in mind the power of the younger generations in fighting against environmental injustices and protecting our planet. 

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