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Luck! This Powerful Force Waiting for Those Who Are Ready! with John Belizaire

November 24, 2021 Jodi Season 1 Episode 50
Today is the Day Changemakers
Luck! This Powerful Force Waiting for Those Who Are Ready! with John Belizaire
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 50 of the Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast.

This week my guest is John Belizaire. John is the CEO of Soluna Computing.

John Belizaire’s parents escaped Haitian dictatorship and potential death before reuniting and coming to the United States. Since the age of 14 selling floppy discs in high school, John has had an entrepreneurial spirit and interest in technology. He was a recipient of the Intel Scholarship Program and he went on to receive a computer science and engineering degree from Cornell University.

During our conversation, John talks about a Professor that truly believed in a business idea that he shared. This is truly an example of when someone believes in you and inspires you, to stay on track because anything is possible! At the young age of 28 years old, John sold his first start-up company for $150 million. John has gone on to become a versatile CEO and serial entrepreneur who has successfully founded and scaled several multi-million dollar technology and fintech companies. He is currently the CEO of Soluna, a computing company helping to shape the future of renewable energy development.

Do you understand renewable energy? John takes a few minutes to really explain how to save energy and use stored energy in a productive way.

Although, John has a great success story to tell that may not be typical, he is so very inspiring and makes you think that you can do whatever it is you are passionate about.

Listen in to hear his answer to, 'if I knew then, what I know now'.

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Have a great week everyone!